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Quick Links & Resources

Discover Tainan 1. Tainan City Government
2. Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center
3. Tainan City Guide
Transportation  in Tainan 1. Motor Vehicles and Driver’s License 
(1) Directorate General of Highways
(2) Replacing Drivers' Licenses
2.  City Bus
Health Information 1. H1N1 in Taiwan 
 (1) Centers for Disease Control 
 (2) Influenza Prevention 
Off-campus Housing (Chinese) 1. Dormitory Information 
2. 6mama House Rental Services, Tainan
Others Forums: language exchange, trading, housing, recreations and entertainments…
 (1) Fun Tainan, Taiwan 
 (2) Forumosa 
 (3) Tainan Bulletin